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Weight Loss Specialist

Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialist

Maryam Zamanian, MD

Endocrinologist located in Plano, TX

Dr. Maryann Zamanian is an endocrinologist who serves the residents of Plano, TX and Dallas, TX. With her primary area of expertise being endocrinology and the treatment of diabetes, she is able to help many of her patients reach their weight loss goals.

Weight Loss

Weight loss involves both mental attitude as well as knowing how the body functions. For some people, losing weight is difficult because their metabolic processes are not behaving as they should. This can lead to weight gain or loss, depending on how efficiently the body deals with calories and excess fat. A hormonal imbalance, such as that found in diabetes patients can be the problem when a person is having difficulty losing weight.

What role does hormone imbalance play in weight loss?

Hormones regulate many of the body's metabolic functions. Some affect how much energy a person has while others trigger hunger pangs and fatigue. Each hormone triggers specific responses within the body, much like a domino effect. Once the cycle begins, it can be extremely hard to break making weight loss difficult. Once the body's hormone levels are brought back into balance and its metabolism begins to function as it should, calories are used according to the body's need and weight gain is less likely to be an issue.

Aside from insulin, what other hormones affect weight loss?

Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that can lead directly to weight gain. When a person is under stress, too much cortisol is produced which can lead to an excessive weight gain. The thyroid gland also produces hormones that affect weight loss. Too much thyroid hormone can lead to extreme weight loss while too little can lead to obesity. Insulin, the hormone needed to metabolize glucose in the blood is also a hormone.

Why is it hard for diabetics to lose weight?

Insulin is produced by the pancreas. Its purpose is to metabolize or use the glucose found in the blood stream. If the body is resistant to insulin, glucose levels can build and cause a variety of health issues including weight gain.

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